Best Lounges in Atlanta

My number one pick would have to be Bliss Bar & Lounge in JohnsCreek. They play all music, cocktails are really good, offer Hookahs in many flavours, and has a great staff. There is plenty of parking, and there is never a cover charge. other great lounges include Bliss Bar and Lounge KOKO Room Suite…read more

Shopping for Christmas Gifts Millennial Woman

So your looking for a gift for a woman between the ages of 21-40. She is confident, sexy, and socially active. What do you get her. My first suggestion is to look on her social media post. Look at her attire. Does she wear bright vibrant colors or iss she mostly into dark colors. Is…read more

5 Club Fashion Tips

  At Prima Dons & Donnas, after years of distributing the best clubwear online, we know a thing or two about going clubbing. While hitting the town with your crew is always a blast, when you dress the right way, the experience is so much more enjoyable. Shop our online boutique for gorgeous plus size…read more

The Best Clubs In Atlanta

Atlanta is one of the Country‚Äôs Best Club Cities   Ask anyone in America to name some of the top party cities that are scattered across this nation and almost everyone will include Atlanta in their top ten. For decades, Atlanta has been a central hub of the South and, as a result, has made…read more

Thank You For Visiting US

Welcome to Prima Dons and Donnas. Prima Dons & Donnas Prima Dons and Donnas is a customizing clothing boutique that, was established in 2005. We started as a small online boutique with limited inventory and we now have over 500 items in our stock. We specialize in evening wear, and plus sizes. We are located…read more