Top Three Hottest Clubs in Atlanta Right Now

So you’ve just gotten through an exhausting work week and you’re looking for some place to let loose. Where do you go? Well, fortunately for you, Atlanta is home to some of the most glamorous, chic, and upscale nightclubs in America! From exotic decor to fantastic music, you can be sure to have a great time at any of the greatest nightclubs in Atlanta.

The question is then, which one should you choose? With so many options, it can be a daunting task to choose a venue with your friends for where to spend your Friday night. Don’t worry though, we’ve compiled a list of the top nightclubs in Atlanta for you and your friends to visit, hang out, dance, and just have a great time. Here are the top three nightclubs in Atlanta for you and your friends to visit today.

Tongue and Groove

Located on the corner of Main Street NE and Magnolia Lane NE, Tongue and Groove is one of the premier nightclubs in Atlanta, with over two decades of history hosting partygoers and good times. With over 8,600 square feet of space, visitors can dance and talk in two separate large rooms, decorated in a chic, luxury design and a variety of furniture to sit and make conversation. There’s a balcony overlooking one of the rooms, with a spectacular dance floor underneath. There’s also different music in the two rooms -- with one room playing Top 40 pop songs and the other playing hip-hop, there’s something for everyone in this Atlanta classic.

Lava Lounge

You can find the dark blue exterior of this club inside an almost residential-like building on 13th Street NE in Atlanta’s Midtown district. Often named as one of the trendiest nightclubs in Atlanta, Lava Lounge combines two fantastic locations in one. You can find Cosmopolitan Bar on one side of the complex, while Lava Lounge’s incredible dance floor and cozy lounge areas are on the other side, connected by an outdoor porch. The dance floor is the site of a variety of house and industrial tracks, while other rooms in the club can be found playing different genres, such as ‘80s pop or hip-hop. If you get tired, you can grab one of Lava Lounge’s house cocktails at the bar while taking a break from dancing.

Havana Club

Right off of Piedmont Road is Havana Club, a little upscale slice of Cuba straight in the heart of Atlanta. Be sure to put on your best party dress for this enormous nightclub that offers over 15,000 feet of space to party. The club is separated into three rooms, each with a distinct flavor and style. The largest room is called Stage and provides VIP cabanas and a huge variety of music options. The second largest room, Studio, features salsa music with plenty of dancing opportunities. Finally, you’ll find Gallery, a more private room that offers professional hosting and catering services for private events in addition to serving as a separate dance room for partygoers.

No matter which of these nightclubs you choose to go to, you’ll be certain of having a fantastic evening in Atlanta. All sorts of adventures, tunes, and people await you in Atlanta, where the atmosphere, decor, and company rival the premiere nightclubs anywhere else in the world.

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