Markis High Waist Jeans


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• Denim high waist jeans for slim fit and elegant style.
• Made with a mixture of spandex and polyester material that makes it flexible and comfortable to wear, and at the same time very tough.
• Care with hand wash. Cloth comes out clean, and you don’t need too much detergent.
• No need to suck in your stomach, this jean does that for you automatically.
• Bring back the 70s in color and style. Impress your friends and show your sexy body curves and contour.
• Clothing resists body oil, lotions, detergents, and sweat.
• Choose from three color options and five sizes.
• Our Markis high waist jeans stretch.

Product Description
Bring back the 70s. High waist denim is back in style.
Markis High Waist Jeans is for people who want to show the real style and beauty in them. The product is made of a mixture of spandex and polyester. The spandex fabric is what makes it stretchy and elastic, making it easy to wear and remove. It also makes it fit perfectly with your shape and show your lovely curves and natural body contour.
The polyester part gives it strength and durability. High waist denim is known for toughness and the ability to withstand abuse.
Sits higher than regular jeans. Our Markis High Waist Jeans guarantee complete style comfortable and available in different sizes. They are also incredibly easy to maintain. You can wash them by hand and get them clean without any leftover blemishes.
Unlike regular jeans, Markis High Waist Jeans don’t drag on the ground, thereby preventing the fabric from degrading and losing its value. Available in three colors including black, white, and blue.
For styling, they go well with button-down shirts, corset tops, cropped sweaters, or patterned shirt. You can also wear it with bralette top and cargo jacket to keep you warm in colder weather.

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Black, Blue, White


3XL, Large, Medium, Small, XL, XXL


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