If you have a question about stock status, please email us and include a link to the item in question. If an item is out of stock more than likely it will not be back in stock. Sometimes items do come back, so don’t hesitate to ask..

NON EMBELLISHED ITEMS STOCK/SHIPPING- 90% of the inventory is in stock, but some items may not be in stock. If you have ordered a out of stock item, when we are processing the order, you will be notified. If the item description states the item may have to be ordered, in stock it will take 4-10 business days to ship out, and will be exchange only.. We will not notify you because of statement in item description. If you want to ask about stock status, please email us with item title, not the item number, and or link to item. If you order more than 3 items you can request to have the in stock items shipped out immediately. We will pay the additional shipping for a item that had to be ordered. please email us to let us know.

If a out of stock item is ordered for your purchase it will be exchange only. If you cancel the order after order is placed, a 10% restocking charge will be applied to the refund weather item was shipped out or not. **EMAIL** for stock status if you need quickly. In stock items will be shipped out within 3 days. PLEASE GOTO YOUR ORDER CONFRIMATION EMAIL. YOUR TRACKING INFORMATION WILL BE THERE


ALL ITEMS ARE NEW and sold as is. Some of our items have been in stock for a while and inside clothing tag (not tag on outside, we do not put tags on our clothes) may be weathered. But please examine the clothing itself. You will observe the clothing is brand new. If there is a mistake on pricing we reserve the right to correct the price, and apply the correct price to your bill. You will be advised if a problem with pricing does occur before any corrections are made