5 Club Fashion Tips

At Prima Dons & Donnas, after years of distributing the best clubwear online, we know a thing or two about going clubbing. While hitting the town with your crew is always a blast, when you dress the right way, the experience is so much more enjoyable. Shop our online boutique for gorgeous plus-size clubwear from your next night out. In the meantime, here are some tips for dressing to go out to the club.

Dress to Impress

When you’re out at the club, this is your time to shine. At the office, you might have a strict dress code that requires you to wear some boring, bland, or not-so-flattering clothing. When you go out with your friends, you can dress to the nines in whatever looks best on you! A big part of many nightclubs is the dress code that generally dictates that you are dressed to impress, so take the opportunity to rock a fabulous dress you never get to wear or a new outfit that makes you feel like a vixen. Tonight is not the night to be a wallflower, so stand out!

Consider Comfort

Obviously, when you are headed out for a night on the town, you want to look for very best, but that doesn’t mean that you have to be uncomfortable. Stilettos and leather pants may look fierce, but you will be sweating all night and all you will be able to think about is taking your shoes off later. If you really want to be raging all night long, your clubwear has to be able to keep up with you. Fortunately, when you shop Prima Dons & Donnas, we have a variety of clubwear options that are sexy yet still comfortable. For example, a fun bodysuit like this one may look quite seductive because of the way it hugs your curves, but because it is made out of spandex, it is actually comfortable enough to wear all night long.

Claim Confidence

The most important accessory you can rock at the club is not something you can buy at our sexy clothing boutique; it is an air of confidence. You may be wearing a gorgeous dress, sexy heels, and your makeup could be perfection, but if you are visibly uncomfortable and insecure, no one will want to approach you. Projecting confidence in the club will draw others to you, whether it’s the cutie that you have been checking out by the bar or the envy of every other woman in the place. When you are confident, what you are wearing has little to do with why people are staring at you, though it certainly helps to be rocking a sexy outfit.

Flatter Your Figure

Not everyone is built the same way. If you are an hourglass figure, you may look fantastic in form-fitting, bodycon dresses that show off your curves. If you are more of a slim shape, you may want to add the illusion of curves with more volume and layers. Don’t be afraid to flaunt your assets, whatever they may be. What is your favorite part of your body? That is what you should be showing off when you hit the club. If you love your booty, let everyone know by rocking a curve-hugging bodysuit. If you want to show off your tiny waist, emphasize it with a fashionable waist belt. Whatever your strength, make sure to show it off in the club, and jaws will drop when you walk in the room.

Go Minimalist

When you are out in the club, you don’t want to have to deal with carrying around a heavy purse or bulky accessories. Keep in mind that you are going to want to get down and that your everyday purse filled with your wallet, keys, phone, lip gloss, lotion, receipts, and all the other random stuff you carry around on a daily basis is just going to get in your way. Opt for a slim clutch like this one that allows you to carry the bare essentials with you while adding more style to your outfit.
When you’re shopping before your next big night out, browse Prima Dons & Donnas. Our sexy clubwear comes in a range of sizes and prices, so you can find something that will be perfect for your needs here. Shop our online boutique today!

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